A Very Smart Person Once said:

"if I could do it all over again, I would not work to just pay for my big house"

Over the past year, ASM Printing has been reviewing the production side of business and to our great delight have discovered that machines, software, hardware and processes have CHANGED!

It no longer requires three processing machines to produce a plate; a trades person to number, score or perf, or the 2500 lb beast that does all that!  The paper companies have also adjusted to our changing industry and we no longer require the monsterous cutting/ triming and binding equipment!

As Owner Helen looked around the shop and all the empty space now left behind after upgrading, updating and selling older equipment, that "very smart person's comment" was ringing true. Do I really want to work just to pay for all the space that I really don't need...?

So the process began to look for other options and in November 2017

took the plunge and moved, new and some old and much smaller equipment into her home.

While the processes have changed in how items are manufactured, the products, quality and customer service are still a top priority.


 #24-3902 Latimer Street, Abbotsford, BC  V2S 7L5 

Yes the email addresses and phone number still remain the same!