About Us

Making it as easy as possible!

Printing is one of those yes, I do need, no I don't need items!

And ASM gets that.

We want you to feel comfortable and easy doing business with us -- you have better things to do with your time. So we make all interactions as simple as possible.

  • Stock options are limited so you don't have to think too hard; 
  • We deliver to keep you from running around; 
  • Payments are taken that suit your operation and 
  • We keep within your budget!

Oh my, how times change!

Over the past 10 years of operating ASM there has been many changes. 

The most prevalent is the actual way that items are now produced. Long gone are the days of chemicals, film, typeset boards, pasteup boards, masking, etc.

Now most are produced with toner inks, cmyk processes, very smart design software, a whole lot smaller equipment and in some cases less staff.

We offer more items, produce them more efficiently and work closer than ever before with our trade partners.

About the Owner Helen

Coming from a background of publishing, printing, sales and marketing, and B2B association management, there was a natural fit between Helen and ASM.